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  Rickesha Clark, RN, MS is a former 2nd Lieutenant in the United States Public Health Service where she served as a critical care nurse, nurse educator, and emergency responder. As a commissioned officer, Ms. Clark was awarded the Chief Nurse Officer Award by the Surgeon General in recognition of her Outstanding Contributions for Nursing in 2013 and an Outstanding Unit Citation for service during deployment to Hurricane Sandy in 2012. She is currently a doctoral candidate in nursing practice at Walden University, and has held positions including Director of Nursing, Quality Assurance Nurse, Nurse Supervisor, Case Manager.


  RN Nursing Instructor and Staff Nurse Educator. Her overall responsibility within each of these positions was to ensure individuals received the highest quality of care. In the past, she has assisted in the operations of multiple nursing facilities, including staffing, payroll, public health concerns, infection control, management of consultant relationships, and staff development. Ms. Clark worked closely with federal monitors and the Department of Health and Human Services in developing an effective Continuous Quality Improvement and compliance program in her previous organization.

  She most recently took on the role of a nursing entrepreneur by founding Horizon Enterprises & Healthcare Services LLC, where her goal is to help develop individuals to begin new careers in nursing and healthcare, by offering nurse aid and medication aid training as well as American Heart Association classes. She is an active member of Sigma Theta Tau National Nursing Honor Society and the National Black Nurses Association. Her expertise includes mental health, Quality Assurance, and Performance Improvement (QAPI), nursing education, staff training and development, long-term care, and critical care.

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